NOVEMBER 19, 2015 – FEBRUARY 6, 2016


Opening: Thursday, November 19 at 8pm, with the artist.

Michel Soskine Inc. is pleased to present an exhibition of recent works by Spanish sculptor Antonio Crespo Foix.

The twelve new sculptures exhibit an evolution of the artist's work both in terms of materials and concept and continue evoking his unique sensorial universe.

The lightness, the misty, tenuous and immateriality are constant concepts in the work of Antonio Crespo Foix and impregnate an intense visual poetry that crosses the threshold between the corporeal and ethereal.

In his search for evanescence, Crespo Foix, through patient and meticulous work, weaves with wires and pins a kind of weft that creates a delicate atmosphere of mystery. This process allows and channels the expression of a heartfelt and sought spatiality, while the lattice warp poses a metaphor for existence and time.

Antonio Crespo Foix's works can't be apprehended with a single glance, rather require a slower visual approach, calm and deep, to plunge and indulge in the various interior spaces that each sculpture hides. 

Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real), Spain

BA in Fine Arts from the University of Valencia, for years he combined his artistic activity with teaching.

He has been exhibiting individually and collectively since 1996. Since then, his work has been widely shown and recognized in different national awards.

Represented in public and private, national and international collections, Antonio Crespo Foix has also been exhibiting regularly in various contemporary art fairs: ARCO, Art Paris, Art Brussels and ARTGÈNEVE.